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XXII International Trade Fair of Gas Industry and Hardware and Software for Gas Economy called ROS-GAS-EXPO-2018
as a part of VIII Saint Petersburg International Gas Forum

The ROS-GAS-EXPO, XXII International Trade Fair will be held in Expoforum Congress and Exhibition Center (Saint Petersburg) on October 2-5, 2018. Organizer: FAREXPO Exhibition Group.

The ROS-GAS-EXPO is one of the significant events of the industry in Russia devoted to demonstration of achievements in construction, maintenance and reconstruction of gas-transport and gas-distribution systems. This fair is known for the international world as the key event for the representatives of the gas industry. The fair has been acknowledged by the UFI (Union Des Foires Internationales) and entered into the International Fair Register recommended for participation by the Office of the Secretary General.

In 2018 more than three hundred companies will show products at the exhibition ground of 7,800 square meters. Notwithstanding the sanctions, traditionally Russian companies and foreign ones as well will take part in the Fair.

The exhibitors who confirm their leadership in the market will include Meteco GmbH, Datum Group, Analitpribor, BROEN, GAS-TEL, AksiTech, Energomera Electric and Technical Plants, Ex-Forma Production Company, ELSTER GASELECTRONICA, SIGNAL Economic and Production Union, TURBULENTNOST-DON, Signal Stavropol Radio-plant, CIT-Plus, CIT-E.S., CENTRTECHFORM, REAL, ILMA, TECHSISTEMA-UMR and others.

Many of companies above are the members of the Association of Gas Equipment Producers, the joint booth of which will demonstrate the hardware chain for gas-distribution in the objects: starting from engineering design to gas supply to the final customer.

Each year the number of participants is increased by new companies. This year these companies are representatives of producers of plastic pipes, industrial fittings, welding equipment, developers of protection against corrosion, telemetry, control-and-metering equipment, companies for tailoring of overalls and others.

Annually the fair is attended by approximately 10,000 experts including top-managers of the largest oil and gas companies, representatives of engineering design institutes of the state, academicians, heads of profession-oriented high educational institutions and scientific and research institutions.

Program of the Fair

Participation in the business program of the Fair makes it possible to come away with up-to-date information on new technology and researches in gas industry. Safe and efficient use of gas are major criteria in engineering design and production of gas equipment. That is why at the same time as Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency is Growth Dynamics, VIII International Congress held together with the fair, the pressing issues will be discussed as follows:

  • Engineering Design for Gas-Supply. Issues of Law and Regulation Framework.
  • Energy Safety: Benefits and Implications of Legal Framework.
  • Special Aspects in Sealing of Umbilical Connections of Critical Equipment and Pipelines for Gas and Oil Economy. Use of Modern and Advanced Sealants to Ensure Reliability, Safety and Energy Efficiency of Manufacturing Processes. The Best Russian and Foreign Performance.
  • Pipe Valves for Gas and other Industries: Problems and Solutions
  • Smart Gas: Safety. Quality. Efficiency

At the same time (October 4-5), 15-th Conference of the Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum (NAGPF) will be held as a part of the Gas Forum. Alexei Miller, Chairperson of Gazprom Board of Directors, Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairperson of Gazprom Board of Directors, Alexei Mastepanov, President of the Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum and President of ROSAZIYAGAZ, Arai Hirofumi, General Secretary of the Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum will address the conference.

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